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 Are you happy?

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PostSubject: Are you happy?   Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:37 pm

Are you happy?
That looks like a very simple question. To some people the answer is also simple. But is it really? I ask myself this question almost everyday & I get a different answer each time. To answer this question, first we need to know what's happiness? How can we define happiness? Dictionaries define happiness as: good fortune; pleasure; ; joy. However, the definiton of happiness differ from one person to another.
I don't know how to define it. I see people who are rich, dating supermodels & seem to lead a great life & say that they are not happy. Like Angelina Jolie, many dream to have her life & she said to Barbra Walters that "I have everything you say you need to be happy & I am not happy".. On the other hand, I see people who suffer fatal illness, poor but still can smile through all of these & say "I am happy", so things are never as they seem. Apparently, it's not about what you own, still for few people it is but this is a temporary happiness. Also, pain or hard conditions cannot stop some from being happy coz they can smile through the pain, but also some find it hard to.. So how can we be happy? Why in this age few feel real happiness? Our parents & grand parents say that our generation doesn't know what happiness is or how to be happy? Others say it's the technology or the fast track of life.. Maybe happiness doesn't have to do with any of these things because it's a state of the mind, all we need is to think positive & we'll find happiness.. Like this new book "The Secret"; it says that we attract everything that happens to us, maybe that includes happiness..
Personally I don't know what happiness is or how to be happy? That doesn't mean I feel miserable, on the contrary. Somedays I am just fine & other days I get this feeling that everything is great & whatever isn't, will be alright. Maybe this is happiness to me, knowing that everything wrong will be alright.. However, what made me write this article is that I've asked my self this hard question "Am I happy?" I found myself saying "I don't know". I think I don't know because I don't know yet if that is happiness for me.
Last but not least, even if we knew what happiness is & how to be happy, will we find ourselves really happy? Or disappointed because after we knew what happiness is we found ourelves not even close to it? So, as I said "Are you happy?" is no simple question & our answer may change any second, also the happiness that we think we see in other people's life may be misery indisguise because what appears maynot be what is real & those we pity for having a hard life may be happier than us.. So we need to "Pursue happiness" (like the name of the movie) And most important ask ourselves each night before we go to bed this tough question & think of the answer really hard because "Are you happy?" can be a tricky question..

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AcTiVe UsEr
AcTiVe UsEr

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PostSubject: Re: Are you happy?   Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:20 am

everyone defines happieness differnt...so if u are not happy u should ask yourself. "What would make you happy?" Alot times i think i am not happy i even consider myself to be from the most sad person in the world, but is that really true? NO!!! if i look at what i have: a great family, friends, khateby, i even found a soul mate in the world (the one knows, for sure, who i mean).
a soul-mate!!! wow!!! i mean who can say that about hisself...that he found someone like me. a soul-mate is like 1 in a million. even when we are not the same age, she understands me and can give great advices. I LOVE MY SOUL-MATE: cant wait to c u again.
alot persons dont have this. so when i think about happiness: yes i am happy. even when my world breakes down i have someone who i can always turn to, someone who feels in most ways like i do, someone who will help me out and guide my life with support and love. and i will always be there for my soul-mate too.

to everyone: we should learn to be more thankful with what we have. humans used to look at others, believing their life is much better, much happier and they are much luckier persons, but believe me everyone has problems and the person u admire might just build a lucky storfrond: u dont know whats behind.

have a happy day

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Number of posts : 1067
Registration date : 2007-06-23

PostSubject: Re: Are you happy?   Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:54 pm

ya , well great opinion nini, about me if u ask my friends about me then i am the most sad and angry and hating life person in the universe..maybe i am too young to say so but sometimes you feel you are not happy without even a reason! maybe you have a reason but happiness is beyond our non-sense reasons to be sad..more simply i mean that happiness is something great that is defined differently from a person to another and some people who think they are sad..they are not! because they have everything that makes a person happy,just as me : i have family,great friends,great soul-mate Very Happy
and so on..

so thank god he gave me this great things
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PostSubject: Re: Are you happy?   

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Are you happy?
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